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A project of SkunkWorks\edu.

High School Remixed is the Teen-Facing Side of Hackable High Schools.

People, Passion, Production, and Purpose are the hallmarks of good learning. What will yours be?

Hackable High Schools/High School Remixed began with work in 2010 to help area learners take advantage of Ohio's credit flexibility plan for high school and middle school teens.

This past spring, after six years of research and writing, we began developing XP's and playlists with LRNG.

In the time in between, we learned from and engaged with >1500 educators, education thought leaders, business leaders, learning orgs, and community based organizations, to gain understanding of the challenges of modernizing teen learning.

At more than 20 EdCamps, we listened to teachers in intimate settings, hearing their wishes for their teens and their frustrations and limitations with extending learning to include non 'core' learning like entrepreneurship.

Our website (hackablehighschools.com) documents our work and the work of others in what is viewed as connected learning, or the connected learning ecosystem. This summer we were thrilled to join the XQ Superschools team in both Pittsburgh and Indianapolis as they move forward their mission to #rethinkHighSchool

How Does the LRNG platform work for teens?

What's the Theory of Change Here?

This site is the result of over ten years of listening, research, prototypes, iterations, and feedback. Samples:

Our Theory of Change

A New Lens for Learning: What if We Tried Trusting People? (Pioneering—Education Reimagined)

Disrupting School at the Juncture of Teen Choice (My Student Voices)

LRNG Comes to Ohio  A perfect storm for building a new coherent value network for teens.

A SpaceX Moment for High School

Unbundling Coursework and the Transformation of High School How can teens more regularly "level up" their formal learning? (EdWeek, guest blogger for Rick Hess).

People Obsess about Things Joe Posnanski wrote movingly about his daughter's obsession over the musical Hamilton. One job of education is to help people manage their obsessions.

Trapped in the High School OS Kernel Why does high school resist transformation? What’s the key?

It’s About Tribes Above all, high school students want to belong

Needed: A 1984 Moment


Custom Learning Contracts The Synapse

Example Custom Learning Contract To go above 5,000 or so Ohio teens participating in credit flexibility, there must be far more sharing and validating of template plans.

Pillars of a Hacked High School Experience 8 checks to see if a playlist should earn teens high school credit


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