Course 2: High School of the Future

What does the high school of 2023 look like? Can anyone change the way 30,000 high schools in America all work?

Today, a few select teens from a very few select schools get to participate in designing such a school. We think you deserve to have a go, too. How far you take this is up to you.

Sample XP's, Playlists, Badges

Design of our signature courses began on the LRNG/Columbus platform in early 2017. Each is built up of "XP's", "Playlists", and Badges.

These are in very early phases of development. Take a look:



Our Workspace/Workbench
Your Crew
New Assessment Tools
The Adult Learning Landscape
Deciding What to Do
Crafting XP's
Iterating to High Quality
Starting the Work
And many yet in development:
  • The MisEducation of Lauryn Hill
  • New Assessments Explorer
  • When to Worry about Reading Levels?
  • Finish Building An LRNG XP
  • Make a Voice Recording of an XP Resource
  • Adopt some Learning from Big Picture
  • Crafting More Perfect XP's

Built In

People, Passion, Production, and Purpose
Above all, this course will be designed to connect teens with people outside their school:
  • other teens with similar interests in learning how to #rethinkHighSchool,
  • teachers who want to build up quality courses for classes in other schools,
  • special-expertise teachers in other schools, and community organizations and members who can help with more general mentorship and needs.

Our badges are designed to be valid high school coursework. It's essential that they grow each teen's vocabulary.

Playlists & badges should come with vocabulary development plans. Here's a draft of the Innovation Economy vocabulary plan.

Here's an XP about vocabulary. Try it out.

Who is this course for?

We hope this speaks to anyone who's frustrated with the way high school works. Maybe you'll only complete a few XP's.

Maybe you'll stick through to begin changing school for 50, or 500, or 50,000 teens.