Course 4: All Young Teens High School Ready

Can all Freshmen be truly ready for high school?

Today, many kids are left behind as they rise up from elementary through middle school. Part of this is the situations they bring to school. But not all.

Science says far more kids can read and write much better, if they get better instruction. What can we do here to help?

XP's, Playlists, Badges

Design of our signature courses began on the LRNG/Columbus platform in early 2017. Each is built up of "XP's", "Playlists", and Badges.

These are in very early phases of development. Take a look:

Background: Why Does it Matter?

Dyslexia, and Specific Learning Disorders

Background: When the Reading Wars Ended, Many Kids Lost

Background: The Latest in Brain Science

Action: Help All Schools Use the Science of Reading

Helping Teen Non-Readers
Level Two



Crafting XP's
Starting the Work
And many yet in development:
  • When to Worry about Reading Levels?
  • Make a Voice Recording of an XP Resource

Built In

Connecting With People

Our badges are designed to be valid high school coursework. It's essential that they grow each teen's vocabulary.

Playlists & badges should come with vocabulary development plans. Here's a draft of the Innovation Economy vocabulary plan.

Here's an XP about vocabulary. Try it out.

Who is this course for?

Right now, much of this is at an advanced level, perhaps advanced college level. But not all!

We need your help iterating this so it's easier for more people, teens especially, to use.