Course 2: Building Community

While the innovation economy has put powerful tools into the hands of ordinary people, many lack the understanding and confidence to use them (and much older tools) to gradually build and improve communities.

To complement the more advanced-tech ideas of our first course, course two offers knowledge about the basics of neighborhoods and the forces that cand and do affect them.

Who is this course for?
Since course modules can vary for each learner, the course can fit a wide range of interests and abilities:
- Recently a young woman graduated from high school, interested in a career of social entrepreneurship, but had no idea what to major in. Building Community gives a sense of the on-the-ground learning and skills that will be needed after college, if
- A recent college grad has organized a youth network across his city. While sports and arts activities can be part of the programming, so can learning of basic ideas to help understand the forces, and speak the language, of neighborhood advancement.

Sample XP's, Playlists, Badges

Design of our signature courses began on the LRNG/Columbus platform in early 2017. Each is built up of "XP's", "Playlists", and Badges.

While these are in very early phases of development, you can explore these:

Of course, XP's and playlists developed by other orgs will fit in the coursework:

And others still in work:

People, Passion, Production, and Purpose

Above all, this course will be designed to connect teens with people outside their school: other teens with similar interests, professionals practicing in the topics under study, special-expertise teachers in other schools, and community organizations and members who can help with more general mentorship and needs.

Can You Work with Other Teens to Design Your Own Class?


See the High School of the Future course page.